At OBS2GO, your success is a top priority and we believe that your world-class ERP platform deserves exception support services. That's why every our client with Cloud-based solution gets support (for on-premise clients it depends on аagreement). Our team is a highly trained, efficient and friendly group of experienced professionals with the purpose of providing you consistent and seamless service, whenever you need it. Besides the interactions with our team, you are supported through other tools as well - FAQ's, First Steps Guide, User Guide (SOP - standard operating procedures) and video tutorials. 

OBS2GO currently supports you in four languages: 
  • Bulgarian
  • English
  • French
  • Russian

Support tools we offer: 
  • First Steps Guide
  • User Guide
  • FAQ's
  • Video Tutorials (YouTube)
  • Product Documentation

Incident priority classes:
  • High Priority - solved up to 12 hours
  • Medium Priority - solved up to 48 hours
  • Low Priority - solved up to 96 hours

Incident prioritization
  • High Priority - when the incident affects the whole the client's organization
  • Medium Priority - when the incident affects a department within the client's organization
  • Low Priority - when the incident affects one user from the client's organization