“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.”

We offer a variety of training resources and programs that expand the expertise and accelerate the learning for both inexperienced users and experts in ERP platforms. Their purpose is to guide you through the end to end process, help you gain a competitive advantage by operating more productively and profitably and after all - maximize your OBS ERP functionality and benefit as much as possible from your investment. 

Business results-oriented approach
  • We listen to your unique needs
  • We adapt to your direction and business goals
  • We work directly with your people

Flexible training 

  • Online meetings
  • Meetings on-site at your location
  • Organizing training sessions according to your availability
  • OBS2GO learning center - online training resource, materials, and documentation (BETA)

Types of 
training services
  • OBS Training Configuration - the training is designed for users who want to learn how to configure an OBS2GO instance (whether Cloud-based or on-premise). Integration workflow, import/export of data process adjustments, automation and common problems which may arise are covered
  • OBS Training Customization - the course is intended for advanced users who want to learn how to create and/or customize modules, add new features and option, design and automate new process workflows, introduce new fields or enable the expansion of third-party software
  • OBS Training Onboarding - in this training course an emphasis is placed on OBS functionality - explanations and demonstration of key notions, aspects, modules, and features which will help you and all your staff get to know OBS2GO and maximize your return on investment. The Onboarding training vary between the modules you will use and the workflow that OBS ERP will be adapted to
  • OBS Custom Training - we give our clients the opportunity to attend customized training sessions according to their needs. When such is necessary, you can contact us and we will understand the key points that you want to put an emphasis on. Whether if it is training with refreshment purposes, new functionality or learning how to operate within a complete workflow, we will organize the course solely with the information of your interest and we will make it as understandable as possible to.