No developers and consultants needed. No need of IT knowledge. Create your application by yourself.

Launch full featured apps in minutes.

Create reports with custom columns

Choose the best data visualization - Gantt, Kanban, Table or Calendar

Define business processes - add business logic and automation

BI - set-up dashboards containing custom charts

Mobile - All apps run on desktop and mobile devices

Create your app, export it and sell it - the application is exportable and deployable to other OBS instances


No-code solution: Create custom applications in minutes rather than weeks, with no development.

Mobile Apps: Design your custom application once, and get a desktop and a mobile app automatically.

Forms: Create advanced forms with fieldsets, coloring, icons and mutliple data types.

Kanban: Design cards that can be dragged & dropped in columns for process-oriented documents.

Gantt Charts: Gantt charts are great for time-related documents like events, meetings, planning, etc.

Calendar: Use the calendar view to manage documents linked to a schedule.

Lists:Create read-only or read-write lists that look like Excel spreadsheets.

Import / Export:Activated automatically.

Search:Custom powerful filters.

REST API:Created instantly once your app is ready.

Templates:Generate documents based on the data in your app.

Access Rights:Controll the access to your app.

Translations Manager:You will be able to run your app in multiple languages.

JavaScript & SQL:Use JavaScript code to develop advanced automations.

Send Emails:Integrated with your email.