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General Information

The warehouse module provides the current status of your warehouses with inventory and costs. It enables monitoring and ordering of depleting quantities, as well as comprehensive and integrated logistic activities.


Manage your raw materials seamlessly with module "Materials". This module allows you to create materials for the warehouse as materials are utilized either in the production of products or maintained as standalone resources.


Manage your finished goods seamlessly with module "Products". This category allows you to track the creation and sale of products, whether they are composed of a recipe of raw materials or sold individually. Gain insights into inventory levels, associated costs, and sales revenue


Efficiently manage your warehouse operations with module "Warehouse slips". Warehouse slips represent both incoming (IN) and outgoing (OUT) movements within a specific warehouse. 


Efficiently manage the movement of goods between warehouses with module "Warehouse transactions".  This module allows you to track the transfer of materials or products from one location to another, ensuring accurate recording of inventory movements.


The "Obsolete Assets Tracking" module is designed to manage products that have been marked as obsolete or scrapped from the warehouse inventory. This module plays a crucial role in maintaining accurate records and ensuring efficient warehouse management.


Gain a comprehensive overview of your warehouse operations. Our "Services" module helps you organize, track, and analyze your warehouse services