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Project management




Creating and Managing Tasks

1. Begin by logging into the system and navigating to the "Tasks" module from the main menu.
2. Click on the "Create" button or drag with the mouse on the desired time on the calendar to start a new task. Fill in the details such as task name, assignee, project, start and end time.

Tracking and Updating Tasks

You have the ability to observe tasks through various available perspectives. Additionally, by selecting the 'Filter' button located in the upper-right corner, you can refine the module based on specific fields of your choice.

Module 'Tasks' 

Regularly update the status of your tasks as you make progress. This might include marking tasks as "In Progress," "Pending," or "Completed". It keeps everyone informed about the task's progress and any potential delays.

Tracking time

Time tracking in task management serves several valuable purposes for both individuals and organizations. By meticulously recording the time spent on various tasks and projects, you can gain insights and benefits that enhance productivity, project management, and financial planning.

To begin time tracking, navigate to the 'Time Tracking' module. Upon entering, you'll be presented with an interface that allows you to specify the start and end dates for your tracking period, as well as select a category for your time tracking efforts.

Module 'Time Tracking'

Available categories include Administrative, Project Work, and Education. Once you've input all necessary information, the system will update both the Time Tracked and the Time Remaining.

Please Note: The Start and End Dates are limited to a one-week period in the past and cannot extend beyond today's date. If you need to adjust the time period for tracking, additional functions are available to help you select the precise duration you wish to track.
      • Firstly go into module 'Settings' by searching it or opening it from Admin Panel
      • Then you need to search for 'Time Tracking' which will show you the two functions for before and after current time

Module 'Settings'
       • Adjusting the values of these functions will modify the configurable time period for time tracking.

All recorded time will be conveniently summarized at the bottom of the module under 'Tracked so far'.

You can track time also in module 'Tasks' and can be accomplished through different views: 

Calendar View: Simply select the task you wish to track time for and click the 'Track time' button.

A popup will appear, allowing you to log time specifically for that task.

Table View: Click on the 'Clock' icon next to the task you're working on.

This action triggers a popup identical to the one in the Calendar view, enabling you to track time for the selected task.