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OBS ERP offers the capability to display tasks in different ways, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its users. Below is a guide on how you can choose your preferred task visualization method within the system.

Step 1: Accessing the Tasks Module
To start, navigate to the module "Tasks" in your OBS ERP system. This is typically found on the main dashboard or within the primary menu, depending on your setup.

Step 2: Opening the Visualization Menu
Once you're in the "Tasks" module, look for the menu icon on the left side of your screen. Clicking this icon will expand the menu, revealing various options for task visualization.

Module 'Tasks'

Visualization Options

Table View

Module 'Tasks'

Description: The Table view offers a detailed list of your tasks, allowing you to see everything at a glance. It's ideal for users who prefer a straightforward, list-based approach to task management.
How to Select: In the visualization menu, click on 'Table'. This will immediately switch your tasks display to the Table view.

Kanban View

Module 'Tasks'

Description: The Kanban view provides a visual board for managing tasks, enabling you to drag and drop tasks between different stages. It's perfect for those who enjoy a more visual approach to task tracking.
How to Select: Choose 'Kanban' from the visualization menu. Your tasks will then be presented in the Kanban style.

Gantt Chart View

Module 'Tasks'

Description: The Gantt chart view offers a timeline-based visualization, showing tasks and their durations over a specified period. This view is excellent for understanding project timelines and dependencies.
How to Select: Select 'Gantt' from the menu. You will see your tasks laid out in a Gantt chart format, allowing for easy understanding of task schedules.


Module 'Tasks'

Description: The Calendar view integrates your tasks with a calendar, letting you see your tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. It's ideal for those who need to align their tasks with specific dates.
How to Select: Click on 'Calendar' in the visualization menu. Your tasks will then be displayed in a calendar format, helping you track deadlines and milestones with ease.