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Long term tangible assets

Long term tangible assets

The "Long term tangilble assets" module focuses on the tracking, valuation, depreciation, and accounting for the fixed assets owned by an organization. Here's the list of features:

Module "Long term tangible assets" - mode "Edit"

Assets register

The company assets can be registered in module "Long term tangible assets". The system will generate an unique code for the asset and tax and accounting depreciation schedule.
The cost for aqcuiring the asset can be recorded in module "Purchases and Expenses" -> "Line items". 

Module "Purchases and expenses"


Depreciation is automatically posted on a monthly basis by the system. The resulting depreciation entries are accessible in the 'Purchases and Expenses' module. A special category within this module designates the records for depreciation. You can filter the depreciation documents by category. The posting configuration is done in the category

Module "Purchases and expenses" -> mode "Edit"

Transferring of an assest to an employee

After registering an asset, you can transfer it to an employee by issuing a transfer protocol. 

1. Open module "Asset Transfers" 
2. Create an asset transfer and select the assets you would like to transfer
3. The system will generate an asset transfer protocol
4. Click "Tranferred" to complete the process

Module "Asset transfers" -> mode "Edit"

Module "Asset transfers" -> Asset transfer protocol

Returing an asset from an employee

Follow these steps in order to return assets from an employee:

1. Open module "Staff"
2. Find and open the employee profile 
3. Click the "Return assets" button
4. The system will generate a record in module "Asset transfers"
5. Open the record and click "Returned" - this will change the status of the assets to "Available"
6. The system generates a return protocol

Module "Staff" -> Edit record