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Design OBS2GO When I Work Geocon Hermes Express

Profiles Features Comparison

Profiles OBS2GO When I Work Geocon Hermes Express
Individual profiles
Short employee overview with personal info
Generate documents by templates (contracts, reference letters, etc.)
Unlimited number of documents in the employee profile
Compensation and benefits info
Asset list
Planned, current and completed education
Certificate validity notifications
Goal setting and performance appraisals
Birthdays and anniversaries
Reports and export in MS Excel
Unlimited number of profiles, teams, departments, and organizations
Unlimited number of users
Data import

Leaves & Vacations Features

Leaves and Vacations OBS2GO When I Work Geocon Hermes Express
Team calendar
Leave type configuration
Hours and Days Booking
Approval process configuration
Reports and export to MS Excel
Email support
Phone support
Qualified electronic signature
Unlimited number of users
User import
Local reports
Corporate branding
Directory integration - MS Active Directory, IBM Domino or something else
Integration with other systems

Scheduling Features

Scheduling OBS2GO When I Work Geocon Hermes Express
Rules and settings by facility, project, and team
Defining shifts and cycles
Creating and copying schedules
Automatic generation of schedules
Publishing schedules and notifying the team
Weekly and monthly views by shift and by role
Work preferences
Integration with Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook
Daily work report
Monthly work report
Tracking time spent by client, project, and activity
Accounting for day, night work, and breaks
Reports by period, person, and team
Calculating daily and monthly expenses
Approval and closing of periods
Entering start and end of the workday
Entering breaks
Possibility of integration with access systems
Automatic data transfer to the work reporting system
Geolocation tracking at the start and end of the workday
Reminder for shift start
Notification to manager upon delays
Reports and exports in MS Excel
Phone and email support
Unlimited number of facilities, projects, and teams
Unlimited number of users
User profile import