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Document Surveys

Document surveys are methods of gathering information. Our system simplifies the process of generating these surveys, and this section will provide you with step-by-step guidance.

Use cases:
  • Gathering employee opinions and suggestions on company policies and procedures
  • Gathering employee information about current environment in the company
  • Used to ensure that employees have read and understood documents
  • Used when an employee is departing from the company

Creating Document Surveys

1. Open the Surveys Module

Start by navigating to the Surveys Module, which you can find either directly from the home screen or by using the search bar. Upon reaching the module, begin by setting up a new record.

2. Click 'Create' to create new Survey

3. Fill in Survey Details

Begin by selecting a template in the module, which will automatically populate the 'Name of the survey' with the chosen template's name along with the creation date and time. The 'Start date' will default to today's date, and the 'End date' will be set to one month from the start date, but you can modify these dates as needed.

Module 'Surveys' > Create Survey

4. Saving the Survey

Before finalizing, thoroughly review all entered information for accuracy and completeness. Once you are certain that all details are correct, save the survey by clicking "Add".

Viewing Survey

To preview a survey, start by adding participants using the 'Recipient Staff' button. Then, change the survey's status to 'Started poll.' Next, navigate to the 'Participants' button and edit a participant. This action will take you to the 'Participants' module, where you'll find the 'Preview' button at the top, enabling you to view the survey as participants will see it.

Sending the Survey

Once you have set up the survey, you'll proceed to distribute it.

Begin by selecting the staff members who will be recipients of the survey by clicking on the 'Recipients Staff' button, which will bring up options to add the individuals you wish to include.

Module 'Surveys' > Edit Document

Next, update the survey's status to 'Started Poll' and subsequently to 'Sent Poll,' which will dispatch the survey to the chosen staff members.

Printing and Exporting Surveys for Signatures

Generating PDF Templates:

1. Choosing a Template: Begin by selecting a suitable template from the "Template" dropdown menu. OBS offers an array of templates designed for different modules.
2. Customizing Contract Content: Once you have chosen your template, the content will be displayed in the "Text" area within the "Contents" section. You can customize the survey here without changing the original template. (Note: To alter the base templates, follow a different procedure. Refer to the OBS Document Templates Guide for more information.
3. Options for Printing: Once you've saved your modifications, select 'Print' to explore three choices:
- Preview: For a quick review of the text.
- Generate PDF File: To create a PDF file.
- Generate and Attach PDF File: This generates a PDF and attaches it under the "Files" tab.

Electronic Signature Integration

Sending Files for Signature
1. File Preparation: Ensure the file to be signed is in PDF format. Other data formats cannot be submitted for electronic signature.
2. Sending for Signature: Navigate to the desired file, then choose either "Request Signature" or "Request Signature from CEO". This will send the document for signing.
3. Tracking Signatures: Once signed, a new file (marked "SIGNED") returns to the system. You can then send this file for further signatures as required, ending up with three files - the original, one signed by the employee, and one signed by both employee and CEO.

Historical Record and Audit Trail

Tracking Changes
All changes and activities related to a survey are recorded under the "Activity" tab. Additionally, all related records from other modules linked to the survey can be found in the "Related Records" section.

Configuring Evrotrust Signature Notifications

Quick Setup in Settings
1. Navigate: Go to Control Panel > Admin Menu > Settings.
2. Locate Setting: Find "Evrotrust - the email address to receive confirmations on signed documents. Comma separated" (Key: "evrotrust_signature_confirmation").
3. Enter Email(s): Input the email address(es) to receive notifications of Evrotrust-signed documents. Separate multiple emails with commas.
4. Save: Ensure to save your changes for immediate effect.