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Approval Delegation

Delegating Approval Rights for Requests

Delegating approval rights ensures smooth task management during absences.
By entrusting colleagues with tasks like vacation requests and overtime approvals, operational efficiency and productivity are enhanced.

1. Navigate to the Control Panel.

Location: Home > Left panel. Highlighted is the button that access the control panel. 

2. Select the "Delegations" section.

Location: Home > Left panel > Delegations. Highlighted is section "Delegations".

3. Choose the module for which you want to delegate rights for approval, such as Vacations, Vacation cancellation requests, Overtime requests, or Home office requests.
Each module requires a separate delegation.

4. To add a delegate, click on the plus icon, select the delegate from the list, and choose the specific rights you want to delegate, such as approvals or modifications.
Click "Add" to confirm the delegation.
This grants the selected delegate the rights to submit, approve, or reject requests for your subordinates.

Location: Home > Left panel > Delegations. Highlighted are the plus icon, the dropdown for selecting a colleague, the approvals / modifications settings, and the "Add" button.

You can view your delegates in each module in a table view.

Location: Home > Left panel > Delegations. Highlighted is the Delegations Menu where users can find the tables with their delegates. 

5. To remove delegations, locate the delegate in the table for the respective module, and click the minus icon labeled "Remove."

Location: Home > Left panel > Delegations. Highlighted are the "Minus" icons which removes the delegates.

By following these steps, managers can ensure seamless management of requests for their team even during their absence.
Delegating user rights enables efficient workflow management and ensures continuity of operations.

Managing Requests for Delegated Employees

The process for approving or rejecting vacation requests for delegated employees follows the same steps as outlined in the following sections:
    Please refer to those sections for detailed instructions on how to manage vacation requests.
    Delegated managers have the authority to review and take action on vacation requests submitted by their assigned employees, ensuring smooth workflow management even in the absence of the primary manager.