2018-06-25 OBS ERP New Features June-2018

New Features and Modules in OBS ERP

New modules
  • "Fleet management"
    • Fleet maintenance
    • Road sheet
    • Vehicles
    • Expenses per month
    • Expenses per vehicle
    • Daily and monthly reports
  • Improvements in module "Production"
    • Batch numbers
    • Reporting wastes at each stage of the production
    • Personalized warehouse slips for different clients
  • Module "Changes"
    • Stages - assessment, approved/rejected, build, testing, planning, implementation and review
  • Module "Waste management"
    • integration with the following modules - "Products", "Materials" and "Production"
    • products categorization based on the type of waste they generate
    • introducing % waste standards for the different production processes
User Experience improvements
  • New menu interface for portable and desktop devices. Navigation through the different modules is now easier due to the direct access to all the applications

  • Related to the new regulation on protection of personal data, the data on our servers is encrypted, the passwords are obfuscated and the personal data is protected
New functions for automating work processes
  • ConvertDocument - new module which allows fields mapping between different modules, so that the convertion of documents would be possible. Example: converting a lead to opportunity, offer to contract, etc...
  • SQL Functions - interface which allows definition of triggers directly in OBS ERP
  • IssueDocumentAndSendEmail - automated generation of documents on a regular basis and sending them to a predefined recipient. Example: regular sending of invoices on a predefined date of each month to a group of recipients
Other changes
  • Improved module for contacts importing from VCF files