2017-02-27 OBS ERP New Features Feb-2017

New Features and Modules in OBS ERP

New modules
  • "Contracts with suppliers"
  • "Employment contracts"
  • "Business trips"
  • "Birthdays"
  • Improved module "Shifts" - shift management and vacation tracking
New features in email client and integration with module "Tasks"
  • Group support. A new button in the "new email" form which allows you to select a group of contacts and send out an email to all members of the group
  • ICS Parser. A new button called "Add to calendar". It will create a task in the calendar based on the file content
  • Invitations in module "Tasks" - possibility to send email invitations to contacts and colleagues. The system will wait for their response and update the information
New functions for automating processes
  • ContactValidation - this function checks if specific fields in related modules are populated
  • NotifyStaffByCategoryAndCountry - notifications based on assignment of countries and company categories to responsible employees
  • CreateExpenseFromPayment - creates expense document based on contract payment
  • ConvertQuotationТoProject - converts quotation to project. Also adds all the related information such as materials, products and services from the quotation in the project. Ultimately, it creates tasks, based on the budget information in the quotation (internal and external cost)
  • CreateManufactoringRequestBasedОnОrder - initiating a manufacturing request when an order is received
  • CreatePurchaseOrderBasedOnOrder - creating a purchase order when an order is received
  • Two factor authentication - password and a code, generated from your portable device
Improvements in the design
  • New icons order in the home page of OBS ERP
  • New buttons for working with ERP documents
Other changes
  • MonthlyInvoice - this is an option in the "Invoices" module. The system will produce a document containing all invoice items issued to a company. The result is one consolidated invoice for a whole month
  • MarkPaid - on completing an automation step, the paid field gets updated to "true"