2016-09-14 OBS ERP New Features Sept-2016

Storing an original document

Every business needs a secure, sustainable and easily accessible way to store documentation. OBS ERP offers features for creating different types of documents and indexing them in order to provide the opportunity for quick search by keywords and access restriction of certain user groups.

Now we present you a new feature in OBS ERP - Storage of Original Documents

This function could be used when it is necessary to preserve the original document in the ERP system, so that its content remains unchanged, despite of the subsequent modifications in the different modules. Such documents would be invoices, contracts, quotations, etc. Upon selecting this function, OBS ERP generates a PDF copy and attaches it directly in the respective document.

Multilingual data
There could be a case that a certain document must be translated into another language - multilingual invoices, offers, etc. For such cases, a drop-down menu could be found above each filling form, allowing you to change the language and reproduce the existing data in the selected language. The function works if it is enabled in the respective module.

If you wish this feature to be activated for a given module in your ERP system, feel free to contact the technical support of OBS ERP.

Dynamic reports
Reports are a must for any business. OBS ERP allows you to create distinct reports meeting different needs in every single module. In order to improve even more the process of generating reports, we added a "Save filter" function. The idea that stays behind it is the following one - upon selecting different filters for your report you can save the parameters and next time you need the same report, you would have the opportunity to call it with one click of the button "Load".

Email client improvement
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