2017-11-27 OBS ERP New Features Nov-2017

New Features

Simple and intuitive design working on both portable and desktop devices
  • Opportunity to mark a document as favorite
  • Possibility to track changes on different documents
  • New option for creating a task related to a document
  • Menu which contains options for each module
New modules
  • "Shifts" - quick an easy way to plan your employees' shifts. Integration with module "Vacations"
  • "General ledger" - automatic record of all transactions. Possibility for accounting reports
  • "Budgets" - meant to be used before creating a quote. It distributes a given amount by project tasks. Suitable when charging per hour of work (project organizations)
  • Updated module "Templates" - possibility for adding a personalized both header and footer
New menus and buttons
"Menu" & "Filter"

Options for editing a document