2020-04-06 New version

Newsletter:  2020-04-06
Added functionality and design improvement
  • Custom quick action buttons - allows you to create shortcuts to the most used features.
  • Mass update - now this feature allows the mass update of statuses. For example, you can change the status of multiple tasks to "In progress" and this will send emails to all task owners.
  • Follow - up in module "Marketing" - after sending a newsletter, you can send additional messages only to the recipients that have not read the original newsletter.
  • Home office and vacation requests -
    • improved calendar
    • separation of the requests - Paid leave / Unpaid leave / Sick leave
  • Shift planning improvements -
    • you can now copy shift codes from excel file into shift plan with ctrl + c / ctrl + v. 
    • automatic replacement of shift codes during illness (calculates the hours in the monthly statistics).
  • A new feature in the main scheduler - allows you to call a specific URL on a regular basis
  • "New order" interface - now it allows selection of product specifications (for composite products)  
  • Generally improved visualization on mobile devices

Point-of-sales (СУПТО)
The National Revenue Agency of Bulgaria certified OBS ERP as SUPTO (point-of-sale sales management software)


  • Microsoft Azure

    You may want to integrate with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) if:

    • you want to let users (such as employees in your company) into your application from an Azure AD controlled by you or your organization.
    • you want to let users coming from other companies' Azure ADs into your application. (You may want to set up those external directories as different connections.)
  • GitLab

    You may want to integrate with GitLab if you use it for project management. OBS can synchronize the following information on a regular basis (from GitLab to OBS):
    • Projects
    • Issues
    • Time Tracking
  • Why another chat?
    • The messages remain to your server in your database, therefore you control the access.  We know how is it with Skype, Viber, etc...
  • Call for testers
    • Currently the CHAT app. is in process of testing by a group of our partners. We would appreciate it if you help us with testing. As a sign of appreciation, we will grant you the application for free.
    Mobile application
    • QR reader - reads QR, barcode, Digital Matrix, and other codes. Used in modules "Orders", "Income", "Expenses", "Warehouse Slips" и "Transfers" to record the codes of the selected goods
    • Camera - shots and attaches a photo directly to a record in OBS ERP.
    Two new options for access control in module "Privileges":
    • Prevent access to foreign records
    • Prevent deletion of foreign records
    Available @ "Admin" -> "Settings" -> "Privileges"

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