2017-05-29 OBS ERP New Features May-2017

Introducing a New Module "Bank Statements"

What does module "Bank statements" offer?
  • Fully automated importing of bank transactions into OBS ERP
  • Automation when a payment is received - creating a project or/and assigning a task
  • Processing received bank statements every hour
  • Notice when a payment on a given invoice/proforma is received
  • Automatically sending an email notification upon received payment
  • Monitoring all bank account balances directly in OBS ERP
Results after the implementation of module "Bank statements"
  • Timely processing of payments
  • Reduction of administrative efforts related to the processing of bank statements
What shall I do to use the module?
  • Contact us and we will install the module in your ERP instance
Additional requirements
  • Your bank must send bank statements to an email address you have specified
  • Bank statements must be in MT940 format (SWIFT standard)
  • The email address that receives statements must be registered in OBS ERP