2023-03-23 OBS and OpenAI (ChatGPT): Exciting Features and Future Plans

OBS ERP: AI & Machine learning Newsletter: 2023-03-23

Dear OBS users,

We are excited to announce the latest update to OBS, which includes integration with OpenAI's API, including ChatGPT. This new feature allows you to create automated chatbot-like interactions with OBS using natural language processing and machine learning. The integration of the development tools of OBS with OpenAI can enable developers to build more intelligent and efficient applications. This new release of OBS enables you to:

- Generate text and images suitable for quotations, product descriptions, website contents, contracts and other documents;
- Convert your ideas into programming code. You can now describe your idea and the system will generate, execute and test the code that it created.
- Get explaination of code written in the "SQL functions" and "JavaScript execution". The system now can automatically generate and place comments inside of code blocks;

In next release of OBS we plan the following new exciting features:
- Emailing: simply describe the email and the system will write it for you.
- TextEditors: instead of writing, just explain the topic and the AI will write it for you.
- Business process: analysing and improving business processes

To get started with the AI Toolbox of OBS, please contact your sales representative.

We hope you enjoy this new feature in OBS and look forward to seeing how you use it to manage your business processes in more more intelligent and efficient way. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

Best regards,
The OBS Team

[email protected] +359 899 11 07 19
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