2017-08-28 OBS ERP New Features Aug-2017

New Features in Module "Projects"

What is new in the project management module?
  • Automatic generation of project details such as scope, project objectives, risks, key persons and control points
  • Creating a linear schedule based on the assigned tasks
  • New visualization interface when it comes to Tasks - Kanban cards
Results to expect after the introduction of the new features?
  • Visualize your workflow
  • Limiting the tasks which has been initiated, but not finished
  • Measurement and effective management of process flows
  • Principles and rules for creating the product or/and service which are now visible to everyone
  • Eventual problems are now easily noticeable and predictable so that they could be fixed quickly
What shall I do to use the module?
  • Contact us and we will install the module in your ERP instance
Linear scheduling - GANTT Chart

Kanban cards - easy way to change statuses of tasks

Other improvements
  • Group email messages
  • Ticketing system
  • Integrated calendar for upcoming events
  • KPI goals
  • Dashboard with personalized reports (fully customizable)