• Enhancing Your Experience with a Global CDN: As of the beginning of 2024, OBS has taken a significant leap forward by utilizing a global content delivery network (CDN) to distribute its static content. This upgrade means faster load times, reduced latency, and a more reliable service for you, regardless of where you are in the world.
  • Dark mode: highly requested feature that's now available on OBS. Dive into a new visual experience designed to make your time on our platform more comfortable, stylish, and tailored to your preference. Why You'll Love Dark Mode:

      • Reduced Eye Strain;
      • Battery Savings;
      • Sleek Design;
      • Customizable Experience.

        How to Switch to Dark Mode: Switching to dark mode is simple. Just follow these steps:

        1. Log in to your account on OBS
        2. Find the "Dark mode" button at the top bar and activate it.
    • Improved design:

      • vCards Design: The vCards have been redesigned for a more intuitive user experience, featuring cleaner lines, improved typography, and a layout that makes key information stand out for quicker access.
      • Profile Pages: Profile pages now boast a sleek, modern look with enhanced navigation. Personal and business information is neatly organized, making it easier to view, edit, and update details on the go.
      • Table Views: Our table data views have been overhauled for clarity and functionality. Enjoy smoother scrolling, resizable columns, and customizable views that allow you to tailor the information displayed according to your needs.
      • Kanban Boards: The Kanban boards are more dynamic and visually appealing, with improved drag-and-drop functionality and color coding for task management. This update facilitates a more interactive and productive workflow management experiences.
      • Vacations: improved layout of the calendar and the submit button

    • New packages:
      • IT Support: highly customizable and scable ticketing system 
    • Lunch break section:
      • Tech news
      • Business news
      • The weather
      • Stocks
      • Fun games: chess puzzles and more

    More to come soon.