2020-01-02 Happy New Year 2020!

Happy new year!

Let's say goodbye to the old year and meet the new 2020!

Starting the New Year with brand new features and improvements in OBS:

New email client:

Advanced features:

  • Automatic out of office reply
  • Email rules
  • Email relation to documents in OBS (contracts, invoices, etc ...)
  • Indexing for fast search ( storage space is required )

New internal chat (messages remain on your server)


  • Privacy. Messages stored on your server only !
  • File uploads
  • Emoticons
  • Chat history (no messages get deleted)

Professional project management - PM Indexes

Automatic calculation of:

  • Effort index
  • Cost performance index
  • Schedule performance index
  • Planned value
  • Actual cost
  • Estimated value
  • Budget at completion

Improved work schedules management

New features:

  • Copy/Paste shift planning from excel file
  • Home office indications
  • Shift planning locking - prevents multiple modifications at the same time
  • Restore points - allows restoration of previous versions of the shift planning
  • Custom ordering of the employees in the shift planning

Other improvements

  • New fancy login screen
  • Improved two-factor authentication. Allows copy/paste of the key from your third-party tool to OBS
  • Improved UI of file uploads
  • Improved time zones. Useful for multi-location teams
  • New import from excel feature - allows update not only insert of data
  • Improved UI for the data filters
  • Improved data filtering capabilities